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24 November 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Abbey and Zoey  

Abbey: Abbey works in the kitchen, chopping vegetables. The entire family was coming over tomorrow for Thanksgiving and she had to get everything prepared.

Zoey: Zoey carries a couple of trays of the food she usually makes, covered. She awkwardly lets herself in the back door, near the kitchen, "Have any fridge space?"

Abbey: "Still have a bit." She looks up. "You didn't need to make all of that."

Zoey: "I make the same amount every year."

Abbey: She looks at her daughter, taking things from her. "But you are pregnant this year."

Zoey: "Thank God you told me, I had no idea."

Abbey: She sighs. "Zoey Patricia."

Zoey: "I've only been feeling this little bugger kicking around in there for a few weeks." She shakes her head, "I mean, honestly, I had thought it was bugs in my food." She teases.

Abbey: She looks at her. "Do not taunt your mother. I swear, some days you are just like your father."

Zoey: "Wonder where I get it from." Zoey smirks, taking her jacket off, "What do you need help with?"

Abbey: "I'm prepping the stuffing."

Zoey: "Oh...nothing raw in it, right?"

Abbey: "No, I've browned the sausage. Can you dice the celery and onions?"

Zoey: "Thank you, yeah." She nods, doing as asked, "How has Dad been?"

Abbey: "He's napping in his chair. We're going to do the stuffing before he can help."

Zoey: "Good...Really though, how has he been?"

Abbey: "Good and bad days." She sighs.

Zoey: Zoey nods slowly, "Does he know about Ella and I?"

Abbey: She nods. "He knows about you. Ella and Ellie are telling everyone at Thanksgiving."

Zoey: She nods, "I just don't want him to...have an attack or something then."

Abbey: "He won't. He lives for his grandchildren."

Zoey: "I know, but...it's a lot of information."

Abbey: "He can handle it."

Zoey: She nods, "I had a dream about him the other night...it wasn't good."

Abbey: "It was just a dream." She looks at her daughter. "Cut the celery smaller please."

Zoey: "It seemed too real." She does as told, her hands shaking ever so slightly.

Abbey: "It's alright Zoey."

Zoey: "Shit." She slices her finger, picking her hand up quickly and putting the finger to her mouth.

Abbey: "Don't." She hurries to her daughter, taking her hand."

Zoey: "It isn't alright. He was having an attack and I couldn't help him because I'm pregnant. I couldn't help him." She shakes her head.

Abbey: "Calm down." She washes the cut. "You are going to need treatment." She wraps up Zoey's hand. "Sit here and don't move. Keep pressure there."

Zoey: "You're a doctor. What kind of treatment are we talking about?"

Abbey: "Stay still." She goes to get her bag.

Zoey: Zoey slowly unwraps the bandage, looking at her finger, "This is nothing." She says to herself.

Abbey: "Don't do that." She hurries back. "Zoey Patricia Bartlet."

Zoey: "It's fine. It's just a scratch."

Abbey: "Hold still." She pulls out a small tube.

Zoey: "I'm fine." She watches her mother closely.

Abbey: "You will be." She inspects the cut, carefully applying the glue.

Zoey: "You worry too much."

Abbey: "I worry enough."

Zoey: "Is this non-toxic? Are you giving my child gills?" She teases.

Abbey: "I'm giving my grandchild webbed feet as we speak."

Zoey: "She can be a swimmer."

Abbey: "She?"

Zoey: Zoey nods slowly, smirking.

Abbey: "That's wonderful."

Zoey: "Ellie is going to hate it."

Abbey: "Why?"

Zoey: "You know how she is. Stealing her thunder."

Abbey: "Stop."

Zoey: "Mom, it's the truth and you know it."

Abbey: "She's not always like that."

Zoey: "The only one that isn't that way is Liz and that's because no one ever sees her."

Abbey: "Ellie has her own problems Zoey."

Zoey: "So does everyone else, mother."

Abbey: "Eddie. Well."

Zoey: "Autism isn't a bad thing." She shakes her head.

Abbey: "He struggles." She pauses. "I think she blames herself."

Zoey: "I think Ella blames herself and Ellie could care less."

Abbey: "Ella seems to want to give the boy the best." She looks at Zoey. "He's different than Tricia. He's at a new school."

Zoey: "I know all about it. Ella and I talk."

Abbey: "I think she thinks she disappointed me for not sending him to the same school as his cousins."

Zoey: "Well, that's dumb."

Abbey: She raises an eyebrow. "It's the same school you all attended."

Zoey: "No, we attended the Catholic school that you kept begging Annie to send her kids to."

Abbey: "Only after we had to move you for security." She raises an eyebrow at her daughter.

Zoey: "If you say so."

Abbey: She looks at her daughter, adding the vegetables to her stock pot. "Keep that cut dry." She pauses. "How is my Tricia?"

Zoey: "She rules the house."

Abbey: "Here? Well, bring her to visit more."

Zoey: "I mean my house. She thinks she rules everything. The tantrums are awful."

Abbey: "Bring her to visit anyway. We're always here to play with her."

Zoey: "When she isn't at school. You should pick them up sometime. I'm sure they'd love it."

Abbey: "I will." She grins. "It's good for your father."

Zoey: "I don't know about all of them. Grace can be a little bossy at times."

Abbey: "She's not so bad. She's little."

Zoey: "She's her mother's child."

Abbey: She rolls her eyes. "Be nice Zoey."

Zoey: "You know it's true. That's probably why Tricia and her fight all of the time."

Abbey: "Or because Tricia is bossy too."

Zoey: "Nope."

Abbey: She snorts.

Zoey: "Tricia is perfect though."

Abbey: "To you."

Zoey: Zoey stops, glancing to her mother, "And she isn't to you?"

Abbey: "All of my grandchildren are perfect."

Zoey: "That isn't what you said."

Abbey: "I know that they aren't actually perfect though."

Zoey: "You're a terrible grandmother."

Abbey: She shakes her head. "Do you want me to make grren bean casserole for you?"

Zoey: "No, I can make it. You might try poisoning the grandkids things because they aren't perfect, Hitler."

Abbey: "I would never!"

Zoey: "Yep."

Abbey: "You have your father's sense of humor."

Zoey: Zoey smirks, "Do I?"

Abbey: "Yes."

Zoey: "Do you have a sense of humor?"

Abbey: "I do, but it's different than yours and your father's."

Zoey: "Whose is it like?"

Abbey: "It's just like Jed's." She shakes her head. "How is the little one growing?"

Zoey: "She's fine. Big for her gestation age, which they said about Tricia too."

Abbey: "When are you due? Have they set a date?"

Zoey: "Yes, but I'm not telling you right now."

Abbey: "Why not?"

Zoey: "Because I need something to say on Thanksgiving."

Abbey: "I won't tell anyone."

Zoey: "Mom." She warns her.

Abbey: "Yes?"

Zoey: "I said no."

Abbey: She sighs.

Zoey: "You can wait."

Abbey: She nods. "I got something for you."

Zoey: "Oh?"

Abbey: She nods, motioning to a cabinet.

Zoey: Zoey moves over to it, smiling when she opens it, "I have to actually have the baby first."

Abbey: "You'll need it soon enough."

Zoey: "Mom, you don't even know when I'm due. What about Ellie's baby?"

Abbey: "She's only just pregnant." She nods.

Zoey: "Still. It's Ella's first baby and it might mean more."

Abbey: "You'll give it to her when you're done."

Zoey: "You don't even know how far along I am."

Abbey: "You've said you were pregnant longer." She watches her daughter. "You are showing."

Zoey: "What am I showing?" She smirks.

Abbey: "Yes."

Zoey: "I said what am I showing?"

Abbey: "I can tell."

Zoey: "What can you tell?"

Abbey: "Yes I can."

Zoey: "Are you even listening to me?"

Abbey: She sighs. "You have a slight bump and your breasts are larger."

Zoey: "And now my mother is looking at my breasts."

Abbey: She rolls her eyes. "I'm a doctor."

Zoey: "You aren't at work."

Abbey: "I can still tell."

Zoey: "Doesn't matter."

Abbey: "I haven't said a word."

Zoey: "Mom, I said okay."

Abbey: "So just enjoy using the gown first. The bonnet is for your child to keep."

Zoey: "Whose was it?"

Abbey: "The gown? It's been in the family for years. Only Tricia didn't wear it."

Zoey: "Mom, none of Annie's kids wore it, Eddie didn't wear it...whose was it?"

Abbey: "They did." She had added some lace to the bottom and had it cleaned.

Zoey: She shakes her head, "I don't remember any of that."

Abbey: She lifts the hem, showing Zoey the embroidered initials and dates on the inner lining. "Here's your name."

Zoey: "Still doesn't help me remember."

Abbey: "Here's Annie's and Gus's." She smiles. "Here is where we will add your child's."

Zoey: "Tricia didn't wear it."

Abbey: "Because you wouldn't let me send it to you."

Zoey: "I don't want this baby to wear it either."

Abbey: "Why?"

Zoey: "Because I don't."

Abbey: "It would be important to your father." She'd never told Jed that Tricia hadn't worn it.

Zoey: "I said no, Mother." She shakes her head, "I think I should go. I'm feeling tired all of a sudden."

Abbey: "Your father will be devastated."

Zoey: "I don't care. I don't want one child on it and not another. I said no."

Abbey: "Well, you could have had Tricia wear it. What did she wear for her baptism?"

Zoey: "She was never baptized and maybe I don't mind it so much that she wasn't."

Abbey: "Well, she could still wear the gown. I can call Father and we can do it next weekend. Your father would be so pleased."

Zoey: "No, mother." She walks toward the door, "Thank you for fixing my cut, but I'm going home."

Abbey: "Please consider it." She's soft. "For Jethro."

Zoey: "The only thing you care about is appearances. I'm sorry I'm not like that."

Abbey: "I care about my children and their families." She looks at her. "I want Jethro happy."

Zoey: "I don't care what Dad wants either."

Abbey: "I can tell."

Zoey: Zoey glares to her mother, "Never mind about Thanksgiving. My family has other plans."

Abbey: "Zoey!" She swallows. "Please. For your father. He's not well."

Zoey: "You told me he was fine."

Abbey: She looks at her. "I want you all to think that."

Zoey: She shakes her head, "Lying to me doesn't work."

Abbey: "He's sick. He doesn't want anyone to know."

Zoey: "I'm going home." She walks out the back door, toward her house.

Abbey: She sighs, going back to making food.