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24 November 2012 @ 10:20 pm
Shannon, James, Annie and Jay  

Shannon: Shannon glances to her husband as he drives towards their children's home. "I'm glad we did this." After debating missing yet another holiday with her grandchildren, she'd decided that James and she would fly to New Hampshire and surprise Jamie and Annie. Will and Sissy had gone to Disney with their baby.

James: James takes hold of his wife's hand, "We could have been doing so for years."

Shannon: "I didn't want Will to feel abandoned." She sighs. "I know Jamie misses us. I hate that Annie won't let him bring them down."

James: "Because she's just as nutty as Will's wife."

Shannon: "James." She warns.

James: "I don't know what kind of hold that girl has over on you, but she treats our son like shit. Not to mention she suddenly hates us. I call that nutty."

Shannon: "Turn here." She instructs. "She has issues. But Jamie loves her. And she's given us beautiful grandbabies. So we're going to be nice."

James: "You need to see things how they are. It'd be best for our son to divorce her and bring the kids back home."

Shannon: "I don't think she'd let them go." She sighs. "And I don't want to lose my grandchildren."

James: "He'd easily win a trial and you know it. Call her sanity into question and anyone could win a damn trial against her. Especially where children are involved."

Shannon: "Up here? With her grandfather buying the judge off?" She shakes her head. "Enough of that."

James: "No, I won't. I don't like the girl. You shouldn't either."

Shannon: "We're going to pretend." She watches him park. "I mean it."

James: "You will. I can't be bothered." He shakes his head, moving from the car, he walks around to open the door for her.

Shannon: She pulls him close, kissing him. "James Sanders. You will be charming."

Jay: Jay runs out of the house, having spotted his grandparents. "Grammie, Pop Pop." He runs at James.

James: James picks his grandson up, grinning, "Hey, boy. Think you can make a few extra settings at the dinner table?"

Jay: He nods. "You can sit with me." He hugs the man's neck. "Grammie can sit with Mommy and Daddy. Will you play Wii with me? And can we watch football?"

Shannon: Shannon smiles, watching James with Jay.

James: "I'd like nothing more." He chuckles, holding the boy tightly.

Annie: Annie jogs outside, "Jay-" She notices her in-laws, "Hello. Happy Thanksgiving." She grins, waving them inside, "Come on. It's cold out."

Jay: "Pop Pop, I can carry your bags." Jay nods.

Shannon: Shannon smiles, getting their bag. "Jay, I can carry it."

James: "No, it's okay boy. I have them." James shakes his head, letting his grandson down, "Here, Shannon."

Shannon: "James, I'm fine." Shannon walks towards the house.

Jay: Jay sighs, wanting to be picked up.

Annie: Annie jogs down the steps, "Let me help." She smiles to the woman, "I'm so glad you guys are here. Does Jamie know?"

Shannon: "No, we wanted to surprise you." She glances to her grandson. "James, pick Jay up."

James: James picks his eldest grandson up, "You're getting big, boy."

Annie: "He's going to love it." Annie nods, "I'll set you up in the guest room. upstairs. I don't know if my aunt is coming and she usually likes the downstairs one."

Jay: He nods. "I'm the tallest in my class. I played football and I'm gonna play basketball." He grins. "You can stay in my room."

Shannon: Shannon smiles. "Don't make any trouble or fuss Annie. We can get a hotel room if you like."

Annie: "No fuss." Annie shakes her head, "There's always room here."

Shannon: "We just hate missing you guys at holidays." She watches her husband and grandson go off to find their son. "We miss you guys Annie."

Annie: "Yeah." She swallows, "Sorry. My aunt isn't doing well and my grandfather...I never know what's happening day to day with him. I'd hate myself if we missed just one holiday with them."

Shannon: "I understand." She soothes the girl. "Don't worry about it."

Annie: "I do though because it probably makes me seem like some bitter bitch that's keeping them from you."

Shannon: "We just need to know." She pauses. "Will and Sissy went to Disney."

Annie: "Oh."

Shannon: She nods. "So we were alone. Are you sure it's not a problem?"

Annie: "Absolutely not. We always have too much food."

Shannon: "I'd be happy to cook. We stopped at the grocery store."

Annie: She shakes her head, "We go over my grandparents. I'll let Gram know to set place for two extras."

Shannon: "Well, let me make pecan pie."

Annie: "Okay. If you'd like." She nods, "I'm making the green bean casserole, so I'll be in the kitchen with you anyway."

Shannon: "Oh, I can make that as well."

Annie: "No, it's my thing. I can do it."

Shannon: "You don't need to lift a finger."

Annie: "Just because you're here, I'm not changing what I do every year."

Shannon: "I don't mind."

Annie: "Shannon." Annie gives her a look.

Shannon: "Yes?"

Annie: "Please stop."

Shannon: "Alright." She smiles. "Lead on to the kitchen."

Annie: "Don't you want to get settled in first?"

Shannon: "No, I need to get the pies started." And she wanted to make garbage mix for the kids.

Annie: "We have plenty of time. Go get settled." She nods, "The kitchen will always be here."

Shannon: "I'll be down in a bit." She smiles.

Annie: Annie nods, picking up a little bit when the woman walks upstairs.