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02 December 2012 @ 08:12 pm
Billy and Laura  

Billy: Billy sighs, working on his school work. He still wasn't healthy enough to go home. He was supposed to be on oxygen, but he'd pulled the canula down around his neck as soon as the nurse had walked out. His ribs were wrapped tightly from where he'd cracked them from coughing so hard. At least the agent on duty was staying outside of his room.

Laura: Laura walks in, smiling to the boy. She hadn't been able to visit since her partner was sick at home and she didn't want to take it to the hospital, "Hey, baby."

Billy: "Aunt Laura." He smiles. "I missed you."

Laura: "I've missed you so much." She leans down, kissing his temple before gently putting his oxygen back on him, "How have you been feeling?"

Billy: "I wanna go home." He frowns. "Don't need it."

Laura: "Yes, you do. You know, that's what making you stay here. You, not following directions."

Billy: "I have been." He looks at her. "Mom brought me a go plate."

Laura: "Good." She smiles, "I didn't get much to take home because I've been there with Eddie."

Billy: "How is he?"

Laura: "Still sick, but he's too damn stubborn to let me take him anywhere."

Billy: "You gotta." He starts coughing again.

Laura: She nods, "Your mother is keeping an eye on him for me."

Billy: "Is she?"

Laura: "Yeah." Laura strokes the boy's hair, "I figure, she can't move anywhere and he's too sick to move, it's a perfect match."

Billy: "Mom got a new cast today."

Laura: "I know." She nods.

Billy: "I wanna sign it when she gets here."

Laura: "Later. Don't worry."

Billy: "I know." He pauses. "Can you hand me my laptop?"

Laura: "For?"

Billy: "So I can work on my paper."

Laura: "That's rude."

Billy: He sighs. "I need it and I don't wanna ask the nurse when you leave to get it." He looks at her. "I won't touch it until you leave."

Laura: "I'll give it to you before I leave then."

Billy: "Thanks." He smiles.

Laura: "You aren't helping yourself. The more things you do, the longer you're going to be here."

Billy: "I have to stay up with my class. So I can still stay in my year."

Laura: "You need to listen to what I say. I wouldn't lie to you."

Billy: "I know, but my teacher says he'll fail me."

Laura: "No, he didn't."

Billy: He nods. "He did. He doesn't like me very much anyway."

Laura: "So stop trying so hard or you're going to be in here for years."

Billy: "I'm going home on Monday."

Laura: "Not if you don't stop."

Billy: "I'm gonna be at home for a week after." He starts coughing.

Laura: "Longer since you can't seem to listen to your doctors and nurses."

Billy: He leans forward, still coughing.

Laura: She sighs, "Do you need me to get someone?"

Billy: He leans against her. "No." He gets out, resting against her.

Laura: Laura shakes her head, pressing his call button.

Billy: He reaches for it, trying to cancel her call.

Laura: "Yes. Stop." She shakes her head, stroking his hair as he rests against her.

Billy: "I don't like being all alone." He whispers.

Laura: "I know you don't. No one does." She keeps cuddling him, "This working too much thing has to stop though."

Billy: "I don't want Mom to be mad at me and give me away."

Laura: "You aren't going anywhere. If that ever happened, which it won't, you'll come stay with me."

Billy: "Promise?"

Laura: "Absolutely, baby. You're my grandson whether you like it or not."

Billy: "Forever?"

Laura: "And ever. Nothing is thicker than blood, Billy."

Billy: He smiles a little. "Kay." He looks up at her, starting to breathe easier after the nurse injects his IV with medicine. "Tell me about Thanksgiving?"

Laura: "It was loud at your grandfather's. I didn't stay very long."

Billy: "They went to Grandpa's?"

Laura: She nods, "I just ate, made Eddie a platter, and went home."

Billy: "Did all Mom's brothers and sisters behave?"

Laura: "Do they usually and I don't know about it?"

Billy: "They're bad."

Laura: She nods, smiling, "They're your uncles and aunt though."

Billy: "Still." He sighs.

Laura: "You could always say something."

Billy: "Mom told me not to." He pauses. "All the babies are bad too."

Laura: "Which?"

Billy: "My brothers and sisters."

Laura: "They are not. You're the most mature."

Billy: He rolls his eyes. "They throw food."

Laura: "I know."

Billy: "Brats."

Laura: "They're still your brother and sisters, Billy. Stop."

Billy: "I'm just saying." He looks up at her. "Never did that."

Laura: "I know you don't."

Billy: He smiles. "I'm good."

Laura: "Yes, but being good means listening to people when they tell you things."

Billy: "I am doing what they say."

Laura: She shakes her head, "They've told you to rest and you haven't."

Billy: "I have Aunt Laura. But I can't do nothing all day."

Laura: "Yes, you can. Sleep or...sleep..."

Billy: "Don't leave me."

Laura: "I'm not going anywhere, sweetheart."

Billy: He smiles. "Kay."

Laura: "You have nothing to worry about." She keeps holding him.

Billy: "I don't like it here."

Laura: "I know you don't, baby."

Billy: "All alone."

Laura: "I'm not going anywhere."

Billy: "Kay." He sighs. "I don't like the nurse that bathes me. I'm not little."

Laura: "She has to. You aren't supposed to move much."

Billy: "I could shower."

Laura: "You aren't allowed. Just trust me."

Billy: "I don't wanna."

Laura: "You don't want to trust me?"

Billy: "I don't wanna be bathed. It's creepy." It makes him think of his bad experiences.

Laura: "I know it is, but that's how it has to be done."

Billy: "But."

Laura: "I know." She nods slowly.

Billy: "I don't want help like that."

Laura: "The less you fight, the more things they'll let you do, Billy."

Billy: He bites his lip. "Can I tell you something and you won't get mad?"

Laura: "Anything, baby." She strokes his hair.

Billy: "It makes me think of the bad man." He swallows. "That use to touch me."

Laura: Laura bites her lip, closing her eyes a moment, "What would you rather do then? You aren't allowed to move much because of the cracked ribs and a shower is near impossible."

Billy: "I don't want him to touch me." He's soft.

Laura: "Would a female nurse be better?" Her voice soft.

Billy: He shakes his head. "Nobody!"

Laura: "Billy, You have to use someone and I highly doubt it would be comfortable for a family member."

Billy: "Would you take care of me? I could leave my underpants on."

Laura: "You can take care of that, right?"

Billy: He nods.

Laura: She sighs, nodding, "Guess I have no choice."

Billy: "You don't gotta."

Laura: "I'm not having my grandson be filthy."

Billy: "I'm not!"

Laura: "Then quiet."

Billy: "I can ask Dad." He yawns. "Can you ask them to give me a snack?"

Laura: "Sure, honey." She kisses the top of his head, "The nurses won't hurt you, Billy."

Billy: "Don't leave me." He shifts, groaning.

Billy: *groaning.

Laura: "I'm right here." She walks around the bed, moving the books and laptop away from him, "I'm taking those with me when I go."

Billy: "No!" He protests weakly. "I'll be lonely."

Laura: "Billy, I'm going to stay as long as they let me."

Billy: "Don't take my stuff." He mumbles.

Laura: "I'm allowed. I'm your grandmother." She moves close to him, kissing his hair.

Billy: "I want it."

Laura: "We went over this."

Billy: "Won't work so hard. Swear." He leans into her arms. "Please."

Laura: "Billy." She warns him, "Don't worry about it."

Billy: "Do." He's soft, almost asleep.

Laura: Laura smiles, still holding the boy.
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