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02 December 2012 @ 08:15 pm
Ella and Ellie  

Ella: Ella smiles, tucking Eddie into bed. He'd fallen asleep reading again. Thanksgiving had gone well with everyone excited for her news. She walks back out, stretching.

Ellie: Ellie stands in the hall, picking her head up, "He went down without a fight?"

Ella: "He was already asleep."

Ellie: "Very good then." She nods, smiling to her, "Today was a good day."

Ella: "It was." She smiles.

Ellie: Ellie walks closer to her partner, kissing her softly, "You were so brave."

Ella: "How?"

Ellie: "My family poking and prodding and feeling your belly. It can be a bit much."

Ella: She shakes her head. "They were more interested in Zoey."

Ellie: "They're always more interested in Zoey. Ever since we were little. It was always Liz and Zoey. To her credit, she is due in a few months. We have a little longer."

Ella: "It's fine."

Ellie: "It isn't." She shakes her head, wrapping her arms around her partner, "Jamie's parents were crazy about it."

Ella: "I love Shannon and James."

Ellie: Ellie nods, "I know you do."

Ella: "Don't get jealous."

Ellie: She grins, "I'm not." She kisses her softly, "I'm glad you have someone who loves you just as much as I do."

Ella: "No, of Zoey." She wraps her arms around her. "We're different."

Ellie: "Oh, I know you are. I could never be jealous of her. She should be jealous of me."

Ella: "She is."

Ellie: Ellie shakes her head, "I have a beautiful partner, a brilliant son, and a baby on the way that I can already tell is going to be as stunning as her mother."

Ella: She rolls her eyes. "And she's a stay at home mom and seems unhappy."

Ellie: "No one told her to do that. She went to school for law."

Ella: "I know." She looks at her. "See what I mean."

Ellie: "No one says she can't go to work now. She chooses not to."

Ella: "And she's miserable."

Ellie: "So maybe you guys should have a pow-wow or something. What do you want me to do El?"

Ella: "I want you to worry about you and I, not about her."

Ellie: "We're fine."

Ella: "We are." She smiles.

Ellie: "Then what is there to worry about?"

Ella: "I don't like you getting jealous of her. She needs more attention I think." She smiles. "Besides our son is wonderful. He loves his school."

Ellie: "I'm really not jealous. I promise you."

Ella: "Swear?"

Ellie: Ellie nods, "Swear it."

Ella: "Good."

Ellie: "My parents feel guilty about missing everything with Tricia."

Ella: "Well whose fault is that?"

Ellie: "Theirs." Ellie shrugs, "And now Zoey with her passive aggressiveness...it's driving my parents crazy."

Ella: "Stop." She shakes her head.

Ellie: "I can't. My father isn't...He isn't doing well and he doesn't need that."

Ella: "So we'll keep him happy." She smiles.
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