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02 December 2012 @ 08:19 pm
Shannong, Annie and the kids  

Shannon: Shannon smiles, working in the kitchen. "You are going to be such a great helper Grace." She picks up Grace and puts her on the counter.

Grace: Grace tilts her head to the side, watching her grandmother.

Shannon: "We're gonna make garbage mix." She starts measuring the ingredients. "Can you put this in the big bowl?"

Grace: She does as told, not saying much.

Annie: "Careful. She's trouble." Annie sweeps through. Her heels clicking on the floor.

Shannon: "And now we add the butter." She pours it in. "Can you stir?" She hands her the big spoon. "Oh Grace, you're doing a great job."

Grace: "I don't like butter." Grace glares.

Shannon: "It's ok. We're not eating it. Just stir." She smiles. "And here's the chocolate chips."

Grace: "I don't want to." She pushes it aside, folding her arms.

Annie: "Told you she's trouble." Annie sighs, cutting a tag off of her skirt.

Shannon: "Do you want to taste a chip for Grannie?" She offers her one, ignoring Annie.

Grace: Grace shakes her head.

Shannon: She pours over the white chocolate. "Can you stir for me?"

Grace: "I don't want to do this." She kicks her feet.

Shannon: "Grannie has candy. Would you like a piece?"

Annie: "Oh no." Annie walks over to her finally, "We are not bribing." She lets Grace from the counter, "Go to your room and stop acting like a spoiled brat." She says calmly in the girls ear, pointing to the door.

Shannon: Shannon takes Grace back. "She's fine Annie. We're having a good time."

Annie: "No, she isn't. I said go." She points for the little girl, glaring at her mother-in-law.

Shannon: Shannon cuddles the little girl. "Annie, we're fine. We're having a good time. Right my Gracie girl?"

Grace: "I don't know you." Grace watches the woman with a deadpan expression on her face.

Annie: Annie folds her arms, "I've told you how many times about undermining my parenting?"

Shannon: Her eyes fill with tears. "I'm your grandma Grace."

Grace: "I don't like it when people tell me what to do." Grace squirms, getting down and running to her room.

Annie: Annie sighs, "I warned you."

Shannon: She sighs. "I want to get to know her."

Annie: "She not the one to bake cookies with." She moves closer to the woman, taking hold of her, "Ask the boys. Jack is great with this stuff."

Shannon: She swallows. "Jack?" She looks into the playroom. "Do you want to come play with Grannie?"

Jack: The bookish boy pick his head up, glancing to her before nodding. He grins, running to the kitchen.

Annie: "See?" Annie smirks, "Grace is evil. Too much time spent with my parents, I say."

Shannon: "She can't be evil." She picks up the boy. "We're making snacks. Can you stir the bowl?"

Jack: "She is too evil." Jack eagerly stirs, looking to the woman, "Were you crying?"

Annie: Annie waves her hand, "I have to run to the office for a hot minute. I'll be back."

Shannon: "I'll watch them." She smiles to Jack. "Grannie just miassed you so much." She adds the rest of the ingredients. "Does this look yummy?"

Jack: "If you say so." He looks at the bowl, then glances back to her, "I'm not stupid you know. The other are stupid, but I'm not. Gram says I'm perceptive."

Shannon: She sighs. "I know you aren't stupid baby." She pulls him close. "I really do miss you guys terribly and I hate that Grace doesn't remember me."

Jack: "She remembers you." He hugs her in return, "She's just mean. Not just mean to you, she's mean to everyone. It's not your fault."

Shannon: "Thank you baby." She kisses his forehead. "Try a taste." She offers him some of the chocolately mix. "Good?"

Jack: "I'm not really allowed to eat this." He crunches on it.

Shannon: "Why not?"

Jack: He holds up his hand, showing his needle pricked fingers.

Shannon: "You can have a little bit." She kisses his fingertips. "Grannie promises." She smiles. "We can make you some special treats now."

Jack: "Do we have to do it now? Can't we do it later?"

Shannon: "What would you like to do?" She picks up the boy, holding him.

Jack: He holds onto her, "Nothing."

Shannon: "We can watch a movie."

Jack: "If you want." He replies softly.

Shannon: "I do. Whatever movie you want." She kisses his forehead. "I want to be with my Jack."

Jack: "Kay." He smiles.

Shannon: She grins, carrying the boy into the den.