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02 August 2013 @ 08:44 pm
Mallory and Leo last Sunday  

Mallory: Mallory sighs, standing in the doorway of her father's office. Even though it was Sunday, he was working. She knocks on the doorframe as she pushes off it. "Father."

Leo: Leo glances above his glasses, clearing his throat with smile when he notices his daughter, "Hey, baby." He moves to stand.

Mallory: She shakes her head, moving towards him. "Exactly what could possibly be so important that you are here on a Sunday?"

Leo: "I can't tell you that." He shakes his head, "But know that it is important enough for me to be here."

Mallory: She rolls her eyes, reaching him and wrapping an arm around him. "I'm sure it could have waited until tomorrow. You should be at home. We missed you at lunch."

Leo: "I would if I could, baby." Leo smiles, patting her hand, "I have to fly out to Tennesse for Baker. He's going to lose there, but hopefully it will lighten the blow."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "You missed my birthday on Thursday." She's soft.

Leo: "I sent you a gift. I was in Florida."

Mallory: She looks at him. "I didn't want your gift. And Baker's an asshole. I don't know why you support him."

Leo: "I sent you a gift. I was in Florida."

Mallory: She nods, noticing that he repeated himself. "I didn't want a gift. I wanted you." She pauses. "Baker's an asshole. I don't know why you support him."

Leo: "I have to do it for the party. I already told them I wouldn't run so that I can spend time with my family. That means you."

Mallory: She glares at him. "You could support someone better."

Leo: "He has the best chance, Mallory."

Mallory: "Doesn't change the fact that he's an asshole."

Leo: "Roslin hasn't a chance." He sighs. "Very nice woman, but she hasn't a chance in hell...sadly."

Mallory: "What about Will?"

Leo: "What about him?"

Mallory: "He unseated that Republican. He would be a smart candidate."

Leo: "For Vice President, possibly."

Mallory: She rolls her eyes. "They still want you to run."

Leo: "I already informed them that I wouldn't."

Mallory: "Doesn't stop them any."

Leo: "Mallory, you know what will happen if I run again. I can feel it."

Mallory: She nods. "So instead, they run mediocre candidates hoping you'll give in."

Leo: "Roslin reminds me of Jed...her policies, her interaction with the people...it's too late in the game for that though."

Mallory: "It's not Dad. You could throw your support behind her or Hambill from Ohio. Either one would be great. Just not stupid Alan Baker." She makes a face.

Leo: "Stupid Alan Baker..." He mocks her, smirking.

Mallory: She pulls away from him. "Stop."

Leo: "How are the kids?"

Mallory: She won't look at him, trying to control her emotions. She doesn't answer.

Leo: "I asked, how are the kids..." He says again, signing a paper on his desk.

Mallory: She nods, finally in control. "They're fine. Billy's final meet is next week. The little ones wrapped up yesterday."

Leo: "Oh? When next week?"

Mallory: "Tuesday and Thursday."

Leo: He nods, "I'll try to make it."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "Don't worry about it. You didn't make it to see the twins swim yesterday."

Leo: "I was on the hill the entire day, Mallory. Don't believe me, ask Margaret."

Mallory: She nods. "Of course you were." She shakes her head. "Father, if you aren't going to run, you don't need to be tilting at windmills all the time."

Leo: "Yes, I do. I need to make sure the right person makes it into office."

Mallory: "And Alan Baker isn't the right person." She stiffens.

Leo: He glances up to her, "I'll talk to Jed and Josh."

Mallory: "What?"

Leo: "I will see who they believe may have a chance this time around. If they think Baker isn't the guy, I'll back who they think may be the one." Leo nods, "I may be rusty."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "Just, please. Don't bring up him around me."

Leo: He furrows his brow slightly, "Why?"

Mallory: "Nothing." She gives him her best smile. "Are you done yet?"

Leo: "Nearly. Did you want to wait?" He motions to the sofa, "And you can tell me more about your issue with Baker."

Mallory: "I'll wait. Tell me what you are working on."

Leo: "I said tell me about Baker."

Mallory: She looks away. "The office got repainted?"

Leo: "Mallory-" He warns.

Mallory: She sighs. "It's complicated."

Leo: "Great, then we have plenty of time."

Mallory: She bites her lip. "Remember that summer that I went and saw Liz in Hew Hampshire? When she was doing the summer program at UNH?"

Leo: He nods, "Continue."

Mallory: "Well, Liz had started seeing Doug and we got invited to a fraternity party." She pauses.

Leo: "And Jed gained a granddaughter. However, Baker did not attend UNH."

Mallory: She nods. "Well Doug wanted time alone so he arranged a date for me, with this guy named Tony." She swallows.

Leo: "I don't really see what this has to do with your hate of Baker."

Mallory: She glances at him. "Tony raped me. He... he told Baker that I was easy."

Leo: Leo pauses at his paperwork, his hand visibly trembling, "What?"

Mallory: She swallows again. "He, he met Baker in law school. Baker knows I was with Tony. He always asks for..." She stops, sobbing.

Leo: Leo rises from his seat, "Done, Mallory. It's done." He sits next to her, holding her tightly, "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

Mallory: "I couldn't. You like him."

Leo: "That's bullshit and you know it."

Mallory: She looks at him. "Really, because up until right now you were going to support whatever he did." She pushes the tears off her face with her hand.

Leo: "No, I was doing it because he looks like the..." He sighs, "Look, I wouldn't have if you'd have told me what you just did."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "I shouldn't have told you. I messed up."

Leo: "Stop." He kisses her hair, "You didn't do anything, Mallory. Calm down."

Mallory: "Josh said I just have to ignore him. He tried to keep him quiet."

Leo: "I'll take care of it."

Mallory: She sighs. "I'm sorry."

Leo: "You did nothing wrong."

Mallory: "I brought my drama to your office. I interrupted your work."

Leo: "That's enough." Leo shakes his head, "We'll go. I'll take it home with me."

Mallory: "Dad."

Leo: "I said that's enough."

Mallory: She leans against her father. "Alright."

Leo: "Alright, so calm down."

Mallory: She exhales, pulling herself together.

Leo: "What time is it?"

Mallory: She glances at her watch. "Four. Want to come home with me? Your kids and Annabeth are joining us for dinner. Mark's grilling tuna."

Leo: "Or we can ditch them all and go to dinner ourselves."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "No."

Leo: "Why not?" He smirks, getting up and moving to his desk and shoving papers into his briefcase.

Mallory: "Because I always have Sunday dinner with my kids."

Leo: "Fine, but some day, we're going to go to dinner, just the two of us."

Mallory: She nods. 'You need to get out of the office on time anyway."

Leo: "Doesn't matter to me. This is the only place I can actually finish things. Annabeth has a habit of bothering me while I try to work."

Mallory: She shakes her head. "If you were home more like you are supposed to, she would back off."

Leo: "Mallory, I'm not arguing with you." He motions to the door, briefcase in hand.

Mallory: She nods, starting to walk out. "Neither am I father, neither am I."

Leo: He wraps an arm around her, as they walk.
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