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20 November 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Billy and Mark  

Billy: Billy looks at his father, making a face. "Can I have my math please?" He closes his science book. "I emailed my chem homework in."

Mark: Mark shakes his head, "You're already ahead in the book and nothing is needed right now. Stop."

Billy: "I wanna work." He hated being in the hospital.

Mark: "I want to do a lot of things, but here I am with you because you won't relax and rest and let the medicines work."

Billy: "Studying relaxes me." He starts typing on his laptop.

Mark: "You're lying. Do I have to take that away too?"

Billy: "Stop." He glances at his dad. "I'm gonna be so far behind and the coaches won't let me play now. I need to go back."

Mark: "You can't play anyway. You're sick. You won't be breathing right for a while."

Billy: "I'm gonna play. You can't stop me."

Mark: "I don't have to stop you. Either your coach will, or you'll stop yourself."

Billy: "My coach needs me."

Mark: "He needs you to be able to run."

Billy: "And I will."

Mark: "You can barely walk without a coughing fit."

Billy: "I will get better." He nods, determined. "Give me my math now."

Mark: "Still a no. You aren't going to get better if you keep yourself up late with homework that you don't need to do for another month."

Billy: "I'm missing it now Dad."

Mark: "You're missing nothing. They're doing stuff you did three weeks ago. I checked."

Billy: He swallows. "Are you gonna send me back to the dumb school now?"

Mark: "What dumb school? You aren't switching schools. You're fine where you are."

Billy: "You aren't mad at me for getting sick? For not telling you I wasn't vaccinated?"

Mark: "Why would it be an issue unless you got it? I could never be mad at you for getting sick."

Billy: He looks away, trying not to cough. He'd heard one of the night nurses talking about how his parents must not care for him if they didn't vaccinate him.

Mark: "If we had known, we would have made sure you were, but we didn't and shit happens."

Billy: He sighs. "They came and gave me a bunch of shots."

Mark: "Alright." Mark nods.

Billy: "That nurse was wrong." He mumbles.

Mark: "What nurse?"

Billy: He bites his lip.

Mark: "Talk."

Billy: "One of the night nurses said that you didn't love me cause I wasn't vaccinated." He sighs. "She said you wanted me to infect everyone." He starts coughing, struggling to breathe.

Mark: "Well, she was wrong." He sighs, leaning over and pushing his call button.

Billy: He finally passes out.
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