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23 November 2012 @ 11:21 am
Jamie and Annie  

Jamie: Jamie watches Bartlet sleep, stroking his fine copper hair. He had the boy asleep against his chest.

Annie: Annie walks in, her heels tapping against the floor. "Hey." She notices him holding her son, she swallows, "Is he okay?"

Jamie: "Just resting." He smiles.

Annie: "No...no attacks or anything?" She slowly removes her scarf and jacket.

Jamie: "Nope." He keeps rocking the boy. "We were reading a book."

Annie: Annie smiles a little, hanging them up before moving over to them, "He likes that."

Jamie: He nods. "I know Babe." He reaches for her with his free hand.

Annie: She takes his hand, standing there still, "Meredith isn't...doing well and...I had to go in for..." She swallows, shaking her head, "He cried so hard when I felt and that's all I could think about. Not my dying aunt, but my son who wouldn't stop crying."

Jamie: "He's going to be alright Annie. He cried for a few minutes and then we started reading. It was fine." He pauses. "Maybe you should be apart more, so he gets use to the idea that you do come back."

Annie: "That's the problem. I don't want to be." She walks over, sitting next to them, "Maybe I'm not cut out for this whole...the foundation. Maybe I'm supposed to be home to take care of my sweet boy."

Jamie: "You can balance both." He kisses her hand. "It won't take as much time once you're settled."

Annie: She rests her head on his arm, "I miss how things were."

Jamie: "Things change. They always do. We will adapt."

Annie: "I don't want them to. I don't want to anticipate my aunt's death from a business standpoint. I don't want to say it would be a good thing because she causes issues. I don't...It's terrible, Jamie. Those people are heartless."

Jamie: "Well, she's not dead yet. And she's done a lot of good. You can honor her by doing more."

Annie: "I just don't like anticipating it is all." Annie says softly, "I'm adding a children's cancer thing."

Jamie: He smiles. "That's a great idea."

Annie: "They didn't put in for it. The CEO of the company asked that I join their board when I told him I wanted to contribute regularly."

Jamie: "You can't." He sighs. "It would be a conflict."

Annie: She shakes her head, "It's an organization that helps children with cancer find one another. It would only consist of spending time at hospitals and going on trips with them on occasion. I could take our kids as well. You could come."

Jamie: "You can't be on their board. You can do all of that though."

Annie: "I'd give up the foundation for it."

Jamie: He shakes his head. "You can do more good on the foundation giving them money and helping out than sitting on their board."

Annie: "It would be simplified."

Jamie: "But not what's best." He kisses Bartlet's head.

Annie: "There are people way worse off than we are." She gently reaches a hand over to stroke her son's back, Annie bites her lip.

Jamie: "And my beautiful wife will help them in the best way possible."

Annie: "Okay." She replies softly.

Jamie: He pulls her towards him. "I like dating the boss too."

Annie: "I know you do." Annie giggles softly, "I like being the boss that's having sex with the workers...makes me feel like Queen Bee."

Jamie: He chuckles, biting his lip as Bartlet shifts in his sleep.

Annie: "Go put him to bed." She smirks.

Jamie: "Be right back." He kisses her cheek. "Love you."

Annie: "You better." Annie watches as he takes their son to bed.

Jamie: Jamie puts Bartlet to bed, returning to Annie. "Now, I should probably put my wife in bed."

Annie: "Hmmm. Or we could light some candles and stay right here on the sofa for a while."

Jamie: "Your wish is my command."

Annie: "Damn right." She slowly kicks off her shoes, folding her knees under her as she watches him.

Jamie: He lights a few candles, then joins her, reaching for her feet.

Annie: Annie gracefully puts her feet in his lap, leaning back onto a mound of pillows at the end of the sofa.

Jamie: He starts rubbing her feet. "Other than the cancer center, learn anything new today?"

Annie: "Besides my aunt's health deteriorating? No."

Jamie: "Is she coming here for Thanksgiving?" He looks at her.

Annie: "I want her to, but I won't force her."

Jamie: "I will go get her. Are we cooking?"

Annie: "I never brought it up, but we can if you'd like." Annie nods, "May actually give me reasons to make it fall festive around here."

Jamie: "Your grandmother isn't cooking?"

Annie: "Jamie, she cooks every year." She shrugs, "Let's just leave it alone and have it there."

Jamie: "Alright. Well, are we taking Meredith to her Mass?"

Annie: "You are."

Jamie: "Alright. With the boys?"

Annie: "Jay likes to go. Leave the others here."

Jamie: "Sounds good." He kisses her hand. "You sure you don't want to go too?"

Annie: "I don't believe in anything the church stands for anymore, Jamie."

Jamie: "I don't always agree. But it makes her day to have us there."

Annie: "I don't ever agree and I have never gone to church with her. I'm not going to start now. She'll be fine."

Jamie: "Alright." He keeps rubbing her feet.

Annie: She leans her head back, "God that feels good."

Jamie: "Does it?"

Annie: "Mmmhmm." She hums, picking her head up to look at him with a smirk.

Jamie: "Well, should I continue Ma'am?"

Annie: "Absolutely."

Jamie: He pretends to stop.

Annie: "My feet are right near your manhood, is that the best thing to do right now?"

Jamie: He smirks. "You enjoy that part of me too much to dent it."

Annie: "Do you want to take the chance, Mr. Sanders?"

Jamie: He moves so he's lying on her. "With you? Every time."

Annie: "You just like screwing the boss." She nips at his lips.

Jamie: "Liked her before she was boss."

Annie: "That's not what I hear."

Jamie: "Yep, even put a ring on it."

Annie: "Oh?" She gently drapes her arms around his neck.

Jamie: He nods. "And got some beautiful children out of it."

Annie: "She let you mess up that gorgeous body of hers?"

Jamie: "She works hard to keep fit."

Annie: "Oh, let's face it. It's gone now."

Jamie: "Not at all."

Annie: "I feel like it is."

Jamie: "Well, trust me."

Annie: "I feel like I'm fat. I feel like I've been stretched beyond recognition."

Jamie: "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Annie: "You need glasses."

Jamie: "Nah."

Annie: She pulls him in, kissing him deeply.

Jamie: He kisses her back. "Now stop saying bad things about my hot wife."

Annie: "Help her believe it."

Jamie: He shifts his hips. "There."

Annie: "Oh." She giggles, nodding her head slowly, "You should show me your moves, Mr. Sanders."

Jamie: He smirks. "Don't got to. You're all mine."

Annie: "Prove it."

Jamie: He grinds against her. "I've got the paperwork where I bought you."

Annie: "Bought me?" She reaches down to stroke him through his pajama pants.

Jamie: "Yep."

Annie: "I don't remember that sale." She kisses him again.

Jamie: "Got you pretty cheap. All knocked up and stuff." He keeps kissing her.
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