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24 November 2012 @ 10:06 pm
Leo, Annabeth and a kid  

Annabeth: Annabeth sighs, having fed her kids leftovers. She makes her husband a plate of his favorites, bringing it into his office. "Leo?"

Leo: Leo slams his phone back onto the base, "Young, new senators drive me up a fucking wall."

Annabeth: "Well, take a break for a few minutes and eat some lunch." She puts the plate down.

Leo: He sighs, "I'm not hungry."

Annabeth: "You skipped breakfast. You can't live on coffee."

Leo: "I'm fine."

Annabeth: "I made your favorite."

Leo: "Annabeth-"

Annabeth: "Leo." She points to the tray. "Look."

Leo: "I know you did. I can smell it."

Annabeth: "So take a bite."

Leo: "I don't have time for you to treat me like one of the kids."

Annabeth: "I'm not. I'm treating you like the husband I adore."

Leo: "Could have fooled me."

Annabeth: She takes his hands, kissing him softly. "I'm serious."

Leo: He takes her hand, pulling her into his lap.

Annabeth: "Even better." She grins.

Leo: He pulls her face to his, kissing her deeply.

Annabeth: "Don't distract me." She grabs the sandwich. "I'll feed you."

Leo: "No, you won't."

Annabeth: "Leo." She holds it to his lips.

Leo: "Then no more kisses for you. Go."

Annabeth: She smirks. "One bite, two kisses."

Leo: "You're losing out. Not me. Go away."

Annabeth: "Leo." She squirms in his lap. "Why are you so mad?"

Leo: "I've worked my ass off today and want to spend time with you. Instead of just fucking enjoying it, you're trying to force feed me."

Annabeth: "I want you to have the energy to keep up with everything I plan to do to you tonight."

Leo: "Don't start. I don't want anything from you now."

Annabeth: "Stop." She takes a bite of the sandwich. "The kids are down for naps. You are at a stopping point."

Leo: "I'm not. I have two other phone calls to make."

Annabeth: "They can wait."

Leo: "Go away."

Annabeth: "No."

Leo: "Annabeth, I'm not really in the mood for you acting up right now."

Annabeth: "Acting up?" She glares at him. "How am I acting up? I'm not your child."

Leo: "No, you are not. My child knows better than that."

Annabeth: She shakes her head. "Stop. I don't want to fight with you."

Leo: "Good."

Annabeth: She sighs.

Leo: "Glad to hear it." He kisses her again.

Annabeth: "Why do we fight?"

Leo: "Because you know how to be a pain in the ass."

Annabeth: "I think you push my buttons too."

Leo: "Oh?"

Annabeth: She nods. "On occasion. How late did you sleep?"

Leo: "Five or six."

Annabeth: "That's late."

Leo: "In the morning?" He shrugs, "Yeah."

Annabeth: "For you." She smiles.

Leo: "And?"

Annabeth: "Hmm?"

Leo: "What are you getting at?"

Annabeth: "I just wanted to know." She looks at him.

Leo: "Are you complaining?

Annabeth: "No." She shakes her head. "I thought you could sleep later though."

Leo: "I'm fine."

Annabeth: "You weren't supposed to work today." She settles against his chest, stiffling a yawn.

Leo: "This isn't working. They're phone calls."

Annabeth: "Same thing." She smirks.

Leo: "Nah."

Annabeth: "Yeah." She leans up.

Leo: He kisses her again, "Shopping does something to you."

Annabeth: "It needed to get done."

Leo: "Just saying."

Annabeth: "I got good deals."

Leo: "You shouldn't have gone."

Annabeth: "Why not?"

Leo: "It's dangerous." He kisses her jaw, "Can't have anything happening to you."

Annabeth: "I took protection."

Leo: "Still."

Annabeth: "I've gone every year."

Leo: "I'm allowed to worry about you."

Annabeth: She smiles a little. "I like that you worry about me."

Leo: "Good." He kisses by her ear.

Annabeth: "But still. I liked going out. And being a redhead."

Leo: He chuckles, "I like you just the way you are."

Annabeth: "And a hat. You'd be impressed." She smirks. "I have pictures."

Leo: "I believe it." He kisses her neck.

Annabeth: "The elves came today too." She smiles, thinking about how thrilled the kids were to see Jingles, Eggnog and Snowflake."

Leo: "I don't really care about elves."

Annabeth: "Our children do."

Leo: "I'm trying to flirt with you and you're busy talking about elves and our children."

Annabeth: "We never get to talk." She sighs. "Anyway."

Leo: "So...do you want me to continue?"

Annabeth: "Absolutely."

Leo: He nods trailing the kisses down still.

Annabeth: "Oh, Leo."

Leo: "Right here on the desk." He gently opens her blouse.

Annabeth: "Again?" She smirks.

Leo: "Wasn't good enough last time."

Annabeth: "I love it. All the time."

Leo: He smirks, kissing across her breasts.

Annabeth: "So naughty."

Leo: "I love you, Annabeth."

Annabeth: "I love you Leo." She leans back, exposing her neck for him.

Leo: He continues to kiss across her neck, his hand reaching down to her jeans.

Annabeth: She unbuttons his shirt. "Right here?"

Leo: "What?" He mumbles against her neck.

Annabeth: "I want to do it right here. Let me be your dirty secretary."

Leo: "Mmmhmm." He hums, unbuckling his own trousers as he kisses her lips deeply.

Annabeth: She leans back across the desk. "Wrinkling all your binder pages."

Leo: "I should probably punish you for that." He pulls off her jeans.

Annabeth: "Do it." She smirks.

Leo: He moves his hand back to her crotch, sliding a finger into her as he takes one of her nipples into his mouth.

Annabeth: She moans, arching against him.

Leo: "That a girl." He whispers against her skin, moving to her other breast.

Annabeth: "More." She pants.

Leo: Leo strokes himself a little before slowly gliding into her. His hands move to her breasts as he shifts his hips back and forth.

Annabeth: "My god." He took her breath away. "Leo."

Leo: Slowly leaning down, he kisses her lips again as his hips continue, "You're amazing." He whispers against her lips.

Annabeth: She wraps her legs around him, pulling him against her. "You inspire me."

Leo: "Good." He groans, "If I'm pulling out, you have to let go."

Annabeth: "No." She tightens her grip on him.

Leo: He nods, leaning down and kissing her lips as he near growls as he releases in her.

Annabeth: She reaches her climax around him, hissing.

Leo: He holds her closely, kissing her lips softly as he looks into her eyes.

Annabeth: "So good." She whispers.

Leo: "You okay?"

Annabeth: She nods. "Incredible."

Janey: Janey looks into her father's office, biting her lip. "Mommy Daddy nakey!" She looks at them, pulling her shirt up.

Leo: "Shit." He growls, pulling his pants up, "Go take care of it."

Annabeth: Annabeth looks up at him. "Huh?" She was out of it.

Janey: "Daddy hurt Mommy?"

Leo: He turns around slowly, covering his wife's hips with a nearby jacket, "Come on, baby." He picks his daughter up, walking from the room.

Janey: "Nakey Daddy?" She looks at him.

Leo: "Nah. Special mommy and daddy time."

Janey: "You hurt Mommy?"

Leo: "No, baby."

Janey: "Mommy nap?"

Leo: Leo smirks, nodding, "Yes."

Janey: She frowns. "Not in bed."

Leo: "She was really tired."

Janey: "Oh." She thinks. "Mommy go bed at night night time."

Leo: "Yes."

Janey: She nods. "You tell her."

Leo: "I will when you get back to bed."

Janey: She sighs. "Gotta?"

Leo: "Yes."

Janey: She pouts.

Leo: "Those are the rules."

Janey: "All the times?"

Leo: "Yes."

Janey: "Kay."

Leo: "I love you." He puts her in bed.

Janey: "Love Daddy."

Leo: Leo smirks, kissing the girl on the head before returning to his wife.
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