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02 August 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Ella and Ellie this weekend  

Ella: Ella holds Emma, letting her nurse. Everyone was down on the pier so she was enjoying the quiet of the screened porch.

Ellie: Ellie pulls an open knit sweater around herself more, smiling when she sees her wife, "I was wondering where you went."

Ella: "Emma was hungry. How can you be cold?"

Ellie: "It's breezy."

Ella: She rolls her eyes. "Where's Eddie?"

Ellie: Ellie motions to the boy playing in the sand with the younger kids, "Hasn't asked for a book all morning." She sits next to her wife, leaning over and kissing the baby on the head, "Everything okay?"

Ella: She smiles. "That's incredible." She glances at Ellie. "I'm so glad we came."

Ellie: She nods, "As am I."

Ella: She kisses Ellie's cheek. "You need sunscreen."

Ellie: "I'm tanning." She nods.

Ella: "Your nose is pink."

Ellie: "As is yours...and your cheeks." Ellie smirks.

Ella: "Nah."

Ellie: She leans over, kissing her jaw softly, "When are you going to stop breastfeeding? I mean...She's nearly six months."

Ella: "When she's ready."

Ellie: "El..."

Ella: "What? Why should I stop? She's healthy, she has been trying solids."

Ellie: "She's the size of a four year old." She smirks.

Ella: "She is not." She glares at Ellie. "And it's cheaper to breastfeed."

Ellie: "Honey, I'm a Bartlet, you're a Bartlet, and now she's a Bartlet. There is no worries about money."

Ella: "I'm not working and I haven't sold a painting in months."

Ellie: "I'm a doctor and we don't pay for our house."

Ella: She nods. "I don't want to be a mooch."

Ellie: "We're married. Whats mine is yours."

Ella: "Still."

Ellie: She sighs, shaking her head, "We've gone over this already."

Ella: "I know. But I don't understand why you want me to stop so early."

Ellie: "You can pump, it's just...We're not hippies." She smiles a little, "She should be slobbering over french fries and you freak out about anything given to her."

Ella: "She's too young for French fries and I do freak out when she's not given mushy foods."

Ellie: "She's fine. She gums the french fries."

Ella: She rolls her eyes. "I seem to recall she had a banana and watermelon with breakfast."

Ellie: "Could have had cereal...cheereos..."

Ella: "She has those for snack."

Ellie: "You should start pumping, hon. It will allow Eddie to feed her. He's been asking."

Ella: "When we get home."

Ellie: "I mean it." Ellie nods, "Or else she's going to be one of those weird six year olds picking your shirt up at the park and announcing she's hungry."

Ella: "I wouldn't do it that long. She's still small."

Ellie: "Hon, you're going to pump. I'd like to feed my daughter too, ya know."

Ella: "After we get home, I'll start. Okay?"

Ellie: "I said okay." She smirks, reaching over to stroke the baby's blonde hair.

Ella: She disengages the baby. "Want to burp her?"

Ellie: "Of course." Ellie grins to her daughter, rubbing her back to get a belch, "There you go." She lets the girl rest against her.

Ella: "He's having such a good time." She watches their son interact with the other children.

Ellie: She hums with a nod, "And you're going to let him be. Just let him figure things out on his own."

Ella: She rests her head on Ellie's shoulder. "He had a good time on the boat. After we convinced him to get on."

Ellie: Ellie smirks, "I'm surprised he did."

Ella: "I'm not."

Ellie: "He barely likes to get into the bathtub. He takes showers."

Ella: She nods. "We've been working on swimming. I don't want him to drown."

Ellie: "He isn't going to be a sailor, hon. You shouldn't force him."

Ella: "I don't force him. But I want him safe."

Ellie: "He will be. It's easy, don't force him onto boats or to the end of the pier."

Ella: "I haven't forced him yet."

Ellie: "No, there's no yet. You aren't forcing him. If he doesn't want to go near the water, he doesn't have to."

Ella: She nods. "I know that. But at home, he's been taking swimming lessons. I worry too much for him not to at least be able to swim to the shore." The pond on the property scared her.

Ellie: "He won't be anyway. He stiffens in extreme situations."

Ella: She shakes her head. "I discussed it with him. It is for his protection."

Ellie: "I don't care. You know how he is." Ellie gives her a look, "You couldn't talk to me about this?"

Ella: "You're always working." She pauses. "He made progress with Ms. Julie."

Ellie: "Don't use the work thing against me."

Ella: She exhales slowly. "It's only between him and a teacher from his school."

Ellie: "I don't care. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't do it."

Ella: She exhales slowly. "Well, he looks comfortable now."

Ellie: "He gripped onto you for dear life in the boat."

Ella: "But he got on."

Ellie: "Being carried by you."

Ella: "I asked if he wanted to go. We went over all the safety features."

Ellie: She sighs, "Whatever."

Ella: She shakes her head, still watching. "I can't believe how much Eddie has improved compared to Bartlet."

Ellie: "We aren't comparing autistic kids. Bartlet has a more serious form, I think."

Ella: She nods. "I just think that our son is thriving with his school.

Ellie: "I think it's the weekend help sessions."

Ella: "Those too." She nods.

Ellie: "I think he knew more than what he's leaning in school."

Ella: "But his adaptation comes from school."

Ellie: "So? He can be with kids older than him and be completely fine."

Ella: "I agree, but he's more comfortable now in a room with other kids."

Ellie: "True." Ellie nods.

Ella: "And he's use to the routine of school now."

Ellie: "Right. So, us being here is screwing with his routine."

Ella: She shakes her head. "His school was closed for three weeks for their holiday. He and I came up with a schedule and we're following it."

Ellie: "Okay." Ellie nods, "I trust you."

Ella: "Thanks." She smiles watching the scene in front of her. "I can't believe Annie's still carrying Bartlet around."

Ellie: She sighs, "Leave it alone."

Ella: "He just looks so heavy."

Ellie: "He's almost four."

Ella: She nods. "I realize that." She stands, stretching. "I'm going down there."

Ellie: "No, you're going to leave him alone."

Ella: "I'm going to put Emma down for her nap, and then go join the fun."

Ellie: "She's fine. Just sit down, enjoy the quiet."

Ella: She sits back down. "I was thinking maybe you and I could go lay down."

Ellie: "I'm up for that." She smirks, "Eddie's fine, she's fine. Let them entertain themselves."

Ella: "Let's go entertain ourselves."

Ellie: Ellie hums, rising from the chair and going back inside the house.
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